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Course Categories

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On UCADEMICS, you may also browse, and search, within a full list of study subjects organized by category.

Agriculture Architecture and Planning Arts and Humanities Business Administration Education Engineering Fine Arts Health Sciences Home Economics Information Sciences Law Mathematics and Computer Science Natural Sciences Performing Arts Religion Service Trades Social Sciences Technology Transport and Communications Welfare and Protective Services

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What is the right University for me?

Find out your chances of admission.

How do I get funding?

If you are an EU student, you are eligible for 100% tuition fee funding.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply, regardless of age, gender or nationality.

What should I study?

There is plenty of choice. You have more than 35,536 courses to choose from.

How much does it cost?

The application is free of charge if you apply to maximum 3 courses.

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of students have recommended UK universities to their friends


tuition fee funding for EU students


international students from


study in the UK


of students apply by January


of students work part–time during their studies

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