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Foundation year: This extra year of study is considered to be the ultimate equalizer amongst students. If you don't meet the requirements to apply to a certain course then take this extra year of study, and in 4 years you will be the proud owner of an undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate degree: Also called "first degree", or "bachelor's degree", is the standard degree in the United Kingdom, usually taught in Universities (although some colleges offer bachelor's degrees).

Postgraduate degree: It's generally the next academic step after completion of an undergraduate course. As a general rule, you need to have completed a bachelor's degree before doing a postgraduate degree (e.g Master's degree).

Four reasons
to study in the UK

Build a strong worldwide network of connections
More than 500.000 students from over 190 countries study in British Universities. The UK is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world, with 25 % of it's university students hailing from different origins and cultural backgrounds. Giving you the chance to make friends from every corner of the world!

Bigger and better work opportunities
A British Degree can expand your professional horizons, since English education system is recognized as one of the best in any part of the world, giving you the chance to work wherever you please, regardless of cultural barriers.

Speak english like a native
During your time stay in the UK either working, studying or just having fun, you will learn english in a more indepth way . You will be so accustomed to the language you will even start thinking and dreaming in english.

Travel through europe
In the UK, with just 20 euros you can easily buy a plane ticket to any european capital, giving you the chance to meet different people and cultures in an affordable manner.

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