This city will always be one of most favorite places to be in UK and you can have your own opportunity now. The good new is that we have partner universities in there!


Oh Cambridge… one of the most charming cities in England and full of historical places and poetic landscapes. 

Cambridge is considered the Venice of the UK. Naturally one of the best ways to see the city is by taking a punt tour on the river Cam. Punting is a long-standing tradition in Cambridge and it's a fun way to explore the city and see some of the best views.
Study in one of the most famous cities in the UK!

If you are a person of culture, you will have the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeologyto and The Fitz Museum to visit. Also, you will find everything you need in the town center go around the pebbled Market Square for special items and Rose Crescent and Trinity Street for boutique shops and chic cafes.

And don’t worry if you like to have some fun and go to parties, you will have several events and music festivals full of students and people from outside of Cambridge that want to enjoy that amazing atmosphere. The city hosts a vibrant and diverse selection of festivals throughout the year. You can have fun with your friends at the Beer Festival, Comedy Festival, Folk Festival, Rock Festival, Strawberry Fair, Film Festival or Winter Fair, to name just a few. There's no excuse to not go out of the house every other weekend.

As everybody knows, Cambridge’s old enemy is Oxford and they take this to another level in the annual rowing race between the university’s team. We promise you will have some fun watching them!

Living costs per week

Accommodation Transport Food
£110 £12 £26


The nearest airport is London Stansted Airport, one of the biggest airports in the UK. It takes just one hour to travel from London by train (National Railway) and about two hours by bus (National Express).

Cambridge is a compact city and being fairly small it's easy to walk everywhere. With direct trains from London’s Kings Cross, Cambridge is an easy city to access but cars are not usual in town. Cambridge is one of the most bike-friendly places in UK. They have more than 80 miles of cycle lanes and the Cambridge Cycle Map includes cycle routes in the city and surrounding villages.


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