Home to University of Oxford and the Harry Potter universe, Oxford will amaze you with its beautiful buildings and friendly atmosphere.


Study in the city of Harry Potter

Oxford is a vibrant student city, home to the iconic University of Oxford, one of the best-known universities in the world. The city has a young and dynamic atmosphere, since there is a large number of international students every year, so making friends won't be a difficult at all.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you will feel like you stepped in the magical world of Hogwarts, since you'll be recognizing so many places and buildings that appeared in the movies

Some of the most popular attractions are the walking tours, which will take you on a time travel through the city. Tours are organised by students, so you have the chance to get an insight into the typical Oxford student life. There are special Harry Potter tours which will take you to some of the places where the movie was shot.

One of the most popular pubs for students is King's Arms, the oldest pub in the city (dating back from 1607). They say it's possibly the smartest pub on the planet, having the highest IQ average per square metre (as stated on their website).

Oxford has many festivals which will take you out of the house and onto the bustling streets. During May Day, you will be one of the 5,000 students and locals who gather together to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The city has many sports facilities, such as swimming pools and leisure centres, an ice rink and an athletics track. Rowing enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite activity on the river that crosses the city. The legendary rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge students reaches its peak during the annual Boat Race, which makes for a thrilling competition to be watched from the river banks.

The nearest major airport to Oxford is Heathrow, London's biggest airport. It only takes one hour to reach Oxford by train (National Railway) and one hour and a half by bus (Megabus or National Express).

Most students travel by bike since Oxford is a small and bike-friendly city. The bus service is cheap and reliable.


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