The land of the beautiful natural landscapes


Sweet and rainy Wales…

Everyone knows it rains a lot in Wales yes, but this can’t be a reason for not enjoying your student life! Actually, Welsh people do exactly the same things with rain or with sun. For them, there’s no excuse for people that don’t go out because of the rain. So, be prepared and buy some good impermeable clothes! 

Probably you will use public transportation, right? If yes, you really need to know that it’s rude to get off a bus without thanking the driver with a simple “cheers!”.

Another curious thing in Wales is that they call “tea” to dinner. So, if you heard the expression “what we going to have for tea tonight?” don’t worry, they don’t want to drink tea instead of real food. 

Actually British people living North also call dinner as “tea” but in Wales, you can never call them “British”, they prefered to define themselves as Welsh.

The Welsh can be known as being emotional people and for them there’s no perfect place to show this than at a rugby game. They just love sports in every way!

But sports are not the only thing that can catch a Welsh heart. If you truly love someone try to find them a Lovespoon. This is a spoon made of wood decoratively craved with different symbols. They are so cute that it’s impossible not to melt! 

If you like to have some great moments of fun, you will absolutely love the Wales National Day. We promise a lot of daffodils (beautiful flowers) and a lot of festivities in the cities, especially in schools where the children have a special outfit for the day. 

Also, during all year you will have a lot of things to do related to music and arts. Hay festival, Green Man, Gottwood, Brecon Jazz, Festival Number 6, Swn are just a few names of the most important places you will need to be to have the best funny moments of your life!

And if with all this you are in mood for food, prepare yourself for one of the most glorious thing that you can ever eat in Wales…the Rarebit.
A classic Welsh dish that is, essentially, good cheese on a good toast. Just simple as that.

For people who simply love the sea, don’t worry, you’ll not miss it in Wales. They have 870 miles of an amazing coastline where you always can take a deep breath of fresh hair and see some amazing sunsets in the summer. 

Castle lovers, Wales is not forgetting you, we promise! They are known as the land of castles. Why? They’ve got over 400 there, can you imagine?  

As you can see, Wales is more than just rain and sheep’s (yes, a lot of them). Wales is like that precious little pearl that is really well stored inside of the fabulous UK oyster!


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