United Kingdom

The UK has one of the best education systems in the world. High employability rates and excellent career preparation are two reasons why students from over 200 countries are choosing to study in the UK every year.

UK Cities

Read about some of the most popular student cities in the UK. You can find your matching university based on the city profile.

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In this amazing city you will have the opportunity to live by the sea and watch the sun being swallow by the ocean every evening.

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Southampton is the perfect location for nature lovers. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the city has one of the biggest green areas in the UK. This means you will have more opportunities to have fun while exercising out in the open air.

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Sunderland is a welcoming city by the sea. If you think surfing after classes sounds like a great idea, Sunderland is the right place to be. The city's underground music scene is considered one of the best in the UK and students appreciate its vibran (...) Read more

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The land of the beautiful natural landscapes


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