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How to support your child on the journey to study in the UK

My Child Won't Be Admitted

Great Britain education is all about offering equal opportunities to students from various background and with various academic abilities. While top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge put a lot of emphasis on good grades in their admission process, most of the UK Universities are quite flexible in terms of entry requirements. Firstly, that’s because they like to focus more on the potential of a student, rather than on what he/ she has achieved so far - they believe that with the right kind of stimulation any student can achieve his/ her best. Secondly, UK Universities understand that each country has its own education system that is different from the British one, so the standards for assessing a student’s academic ability may not be conclusive for them. And thirdly, UK Universities like to focus a lot on developing abilities and preparing students for the workplace and, for that, great academic skills are not a must.

To make it easier for you and your child to assess the chances of getting admitted into a certain course at a certain university, UCADEMICS offers a simple solution: the Student Adviser! Our Student Adviser will try to find your child with the best course considering his/her grades, profile and likes!

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