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Top 5 Reasons To Choose The UK

One of the top destinations for international education in the United Kingdom. Widely known as one of the best study destinations in the world, UK has become over the past years a preferred choice for students from all around EU countries, due to the undisputed prestige of its universities and the availability of funding.

1. World-class education

The reputation of being a world-class education is based on hard evidence since 4 out of 6 top universities in the world are located in the UK and more than 54% of the research produced in British Universities is ranked as “world-leading” or “internationally excellent”.

2. Multicultural Environment

More than 500.000 students from over 190 countries study in British Universities. The UK is one of the most significant cultural melting pots in the world, with 25 % of its university students hailing from different origins and cultural backgrounds. Giving you the chance to make friends from every corner of the world!

3. Speak English like a native

During your time stay in the UK either working, studying or just having fun, you will learn English in a more in-depth way. You will be so accustomed to the language you will even start thinking and dreaming in English. 

4. Unparalleled career opportunities

One of the main aspects that make the UK stand out among other study destinations across the world is its unique focus on career preparation. The courses are tailored to equip students with practical skills in their domain, so they would be ready to embark on a successful career immediately after graduation.

5. 100% tuition fee funding for EU students

All EU students who are at their first undergraduate degree (bachelor level studies) benefit from 100% tuition fee funding for studying in the UK. The programme is implemented and supported by the British Government through an institution called Student Finance, and its purpose is to create an equal-opportunities environment for students from various financial backgrounds. 

If you want nothing but the best for your child, UK Education is the key to excellent academic preparation and rich career opportunities after graduation.


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