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All You Need to Study in the UK

Time is passing but we can manage!

Time, our biggest enemy when we have so many different things to do right?

We bet you already thought about it...

"How I'm going to study and work at the same time?"

"How I'm going to enjoy UK trips, night outs, Sunday movies and cultural days while I have so much work to do?"

Relax, we have some excellent time management tips that will help you be more organised than a closet! :)

1. A list is always your best friend - when you have several things to do, nothing is better than making a "to-do" list where you can put all the tasks you did not start yet. Also, you can create a "doing" list and a "done list", all with different colours. This way, your brain will memorise the information more easily.  

2. Pick specific hours for each task - having a schedule is very important to feel that you are in the right track and to have that feeling that you have some purpose and discipline. You can also create deadlines for each task, which will help you to feel motivated. This will also give you the right notion of how much time you will need to spend in each step.

3. Free time is essential - never stay stuck in front of a computer for hours and hours without having time to breathe. Your brain will get so tired that you will just be wasting your time. Go outside, have a cup of tea, do a little jogging or spend some time with your friends. You will come back fresher and with some new ideas!

4. Explore new methods of study - sometimes some people can feel that they are spending all day studying/working but still not doing something productive. This means that you are not using the right method for you. This may take some time to discover but worth it. Trying a new approach is always a good idea. Ask for suggestions to your colleagues; you may find some new ways of studying that you never imagine that could work for you.

5. Start your work on time - we all know that doing things when we do not have enough time, increases the pressure of things that can be more easy to do if we start doing them earlier right? Sometimes it's tough to fight the lack of creativity or motivation, and we see the days passing through us ...Try to find some activities that can trigger your creativity. For some people are sports, others are music, for you can be just a breath of fresh air in the garden. 

6. Balance is everything - whatever you do, always keep the concept of balance. You are going to start a new adventure in a completely different country, so, usually, you want to do everything at the same time. So many places to see, people to know, books to read, work to do ...
It is possible to balance school, work and social life; you will need to find what works for you. 

And now...

Have fun! :D


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