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Save While You Shop

Dinner with friends? Cinema on Sunday? Trips to the neighbouring cities?

Yes, you can have them all….you will probably need to save some money in a few important things!

Can you guess where people use to spend more money? 

Yes…daily shopping!

Because we know it, here are some useful tips that will make you a shopping master in less than 5 minutes:

1. Choose your shopping schedule very carefully – if you are one of those people who run away from stores at the end of the day because they are full of people, think better. In the UK, the end of the day is the best time to find fantastic food and cheap things in the supermarkets. 

2. Always search for the “Reduced” label in products – you will be surprised by the price difference and how much you can save if you buy things with this little label. These products usually are things that have a small expiration date or with little damaged packaging. Still, they are always fresh and incredibly the best, so cheap!

3.  Go to different stores – don’t limit yourself just to one place just because it seems like they have everything you need. Sometimes, a 5 minutes long walk to the right supermarket will save you a significant amount of money, trust us! 


4.  Try to plan your meals all week – this is a powerful tool for those who don’t want to buy anything that they don’t need. Also, this way you can save more time and go straight to the point during your shopping. 

5. Own brands are your best friends – the UK is one of those places where you won’t feel the difference between brands that much. They have so many alternatives for everything that will be easy for you to pick an excellent thing for half price than the other. 

6. Use your student discounts everywhere you can – You will find so many places where you can use your student status to save some money, please, enjoy it! 


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