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All You Need to Study in the UK

Be an Expert in The UK Culture

Your next big adventure is only a few months away, and we're so excited as you! 

Plenty of places to visit, events to go and food to try is what is waiting for you in the UK. Thinking on that, we've put together some of the essential tips that will make you an expert in the unique UK culture!

- In the UK, they don’t give kisses to say hello or strong hugs just like that! Not because they are rude or not welcoming but because it’s not part of their culture. You may shake hands, but often a smile is acceptable enough.

- Instead of people think, they have a pretty unique sense of humour, and they like to laugh a lot! You will need to prepare yourself for a lot of videos and tv programs that you never imagine that could exist.

- Saying please, thank you and sorry are essential parts of everyday conversations and interactions with everybody. So, yes, very polite! 

- Always ask if they want tea or coffee when you do yours, they will be pleased! In the UK they are still drinking something during the day, and they appreciate it if you ask. 

- Older adults and the disabled are super respected. If you are on public transportation, for example, you are expected to give up your seat for them or let them go first in a line.

- If you are invited to their home to a dinner or a party, it is reasonable to offer a gift to show your gratitude for the invitation.

- Fish and chips, Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, scotch eggs, English breakfast, scones, tea, pastries, lots of bacon and pies of absolutely every flavour. That’s what you are going to find everywhere as the typical food of the UK

- As you may know, the British weather is full of grey clouds, rain and cold air so you will need to learn how to dress with layers. You will have icy streets and hot cafes, shops and houses. So, you will need to be prepared for both temperatures. 

- You can find absolutely everything in UK shops. Food from all over the world, for example. Same for restaurants…no matter from where you came from, you will find a restaurant with food from your country.

- If you don’t like to cook or either if your time is short, you will have your paradise in the UK. They have a particular relation with the food already prepared in the supermarkets. That will save you some time to enjoy the rest of the day! 

-  For those who love to cook and taste some organic products, don’t worry! You will find fresh products in every place with excellent prices too.

Now, you are fully prepared to have the greatest fun of your life, catching up the beautiful accents, seeing perfect landscapes and having one of the most prestigious educations on the planet!

The UK will be your next home, and we bet that you will love it!


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