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Dear stress, I don't need you!

Stress is one of the most significant threats of our century. He is everywhere…

You can meet him in the library during group work, studying for an exam, running late for work or even when you see something that reminds you from home and turns you homesick instantly.

Moving away, going to university and having so many new things to experience can be stressful, and we know that, so here are some great tips that will help you to manage your stress levels:

1. Manage your time – always remember that having time for everything is essential to have balance in our life. Also, doing things with enough time is a golden rule while in university. If you learn how to do this, your anxiety with deadlines will be lower. 

2. Have good nights of sleep -  we know that you will have a lot to study, many places to see and memories to create but you can’t do all these things if you don’t sleep right? Having some quality rest is one of the secrets to having an excellent life quality. Also, if you want to be productive, your brain needs to be fresh!

3. Find a hobby –  sports, arts, debate clubs…you have them all in the UK, and they will be vital for you to spend quality time with yourself and to meet new people. We always need things that make us happy, and that can be a distraction from obligations. Have some fun!

4. Eat well – some people may think that it's too hard to manage the stress monster, but sometimes simple things like having balanced eating can be a significant solution. Your brain needs nutrients. Select if you are studying a lot. This can save you from being mentally tired all the time and improve your energy levels. 

5. Put some music on – either if you like classical music or dancing music, just put on a play! Music is an excellent ally against stress. You can sing, dance or be your eyes close, enjoying the melody… This is always a great strategy to boost your energy healthily or to calm your mind if you are too anxious. Your body will thank you. 

6. Breath, meditate and think positive – this seems too simple but works! Sometimes having just 10 minutes to breathe and close your eyes can low your stress level, drastically.


Don't you need stress, right? Use these tips, share them with your friends and we bet that you will turn around next time you see him! :)


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