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Finding a Job in UK

Your new adventure is always starting, and you are worried about finding a job? Don't need to be!

The majority of students, even the UK natives, have a part-time job to help them with the living costs, so the country is prepared for students that want to work.

Usually, all students can find jobs very easily and fast in the UK. 

In general, the best time to find jobs is in your first weeks in the UK. As you are there, it will be more easy with all the documents ready and people to help you.

All universities have a specific department to help students to find jobs too. Also, they usually have jobs on campus for students that prefer to be close to the university. 

Having a job while you study is a very common thing between students in the UK. The offer is significant, the conditions are excellent, and the possibility to practice your English while you study is a plus!

In the UK you can work 20 hours or more per week and the payment is around £100-£300 per week, so this helps to support the living costs.

All universities in the UK are flexible and helpful with students when they work at the same time while they study and also the schedules usually are very light to be more accessible for you to combine all your activities.  

Working in part-time can also bring you more sense of independence, organisational skills, a better time management experience and of course, a more real experience in the UK culture.

So, with all this…you can be sure that this will be the richest experience you ever had!


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