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All You Need to Study in the UK

Your social life matters, make it count!

Are you studying, working and having social life…all at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible, and we recommend it!

Sometimes it can be a challenge for students to have a social life while they are studying and working at the same time, but that cannot be an excuse not to have fun.

While you are abroad, you will discover that you must have an excellent social network. This will help you to feel less isolated and will open a lot of opportunities in your life. 

After all, you are going to the UK to start a new adventure full of amazing experiences.

Now, are you asking yourself about the best ways to have an active social life in the UK?


Here are our best tips for you:

1. Go out there and let people know you –  We completely understand that you will need to have your time alone. You will feel sometimes dislocated, homesick and sometimes…just lost in translation. But remember that you will also be excited to be starting a new adventure and your colleagues will feel the same! So, focus on that and put your amazing personality out there, explore the city, find the perfect spot to have your coffee, be part of university events and always remember that you are not the only one feeling alone sometimes. Join to new people and create your new family. The UK is your home! 

2. Be part of a club – In the UK you will find out fast that they have a lot of clubs available for their students. You will be able to find yourself in the middle of a Quidditch game or a magical Harry Potter book club or even a tea club with a fantastic Jane Austen inspiration. Don’t worry if you are more into sports; you will find swimming classes, gym buddies and tennis mates faster than you imagine. Also, if you are an artist and you want to develop your capacities along with your colleagues, you can enjoy the possibility of being part of a theatre class or even a fashion atelier. Believe us; you will always have things to do and people to meet! 

3. Spend time in your communal residential area –  There you will always find someone to have a conversation or to have some company to study. Don’t be shy… Seat on the sofa and watch some TV with your room mattes or play some cards with the group that are seating on the table. The possibilities are infinite, and we are sure that all students will be happy to have you. 

4. Find people from your own country – Of course, it’s essential to have the experience to know people from all places in the world and also, finding some good friends between the UK natives, to have a proper culture experience. We encourage it! But it can be an excellent idea to search for students that have the same nationality as you. This can help you to decrease your homesickness and to feel more integrated, at least in your first months abroad. 


You are amazing… 

…let the world know that too! 


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