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Your Welcome Week will be amazing!

Are you already worried about your first week in the UK? You don’t need to be... Your Welcome Week will be amazing!

We know that can be scared to think about the moment when you will see entries for the first time in your campus but… Relax! You will have really good times there.

You will know all the university facilities, your tutor’s and the most important thing, your new friends on this journey! 

Are you curious about that cool studio? Or you are just a fan of amazing libraries? Wait…and that super hi-tech lab that you read about it? Yes, you will be able to know them all.

If you are living in university accommodation, you will also be able to know your room for the next months and how exciting is this? 

During this week you will be able to ask all the questions you have in mind about the university and also, the essential part, you will have the excellent opportunity to create new connections with the other students. 

So, with all the activities they will do for you, our biggest advise will be: Don’t lock yourself and go out there to know new people! 

And if you are worried about getting lost and being a late, smile. They will give you all the maps and schedules that you will need to be a university expert.


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