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The perfect Personal Statement

A Personal Statement is a brief text you need to write about yourself. It’s an essential part of the application as the universities want to hear about who you are as a person, something which cannot be described by your grades.

To write an excellent Personal Statement, you have to start by thinking of an answer to the question: 

What makes you stand out? 

This may seem scary in the beginning, but if you think thoroughly about it, nobody knows you better than yourself. Be excited, be positive!

Think about your key accomplishments, your skills, your course, and what kind of person would be likely to succeed in that area of studies. Are you that kind of person? How? What evidence can you give?

Remember to concentrate only on the relevant aspects - don't list your entire life history and your accomplishments since kindergarten. Focus on what's important for the chosen course or area of studies. 

Do you know what universities like to see in a candidate? ENTHUSIASM!

Why is that? Because students who are genuinely passionate about their course have better chances of success not only during the degree but also later on in their professional careers.

So, unleash your excitement!

If the courses you are applying to are related, then it's easy. But what happens if you apply for very different courses? In that case, try to find the similarities between all the courses you apply to and focus on general aspects, such as problem-solving or creativity.

Remember, the Personal Statement you're submitting will be read by all the universities to which you're applying. So avoid mentioning any university's name.

You will find more tips and tricks about how to write your Personal Statement plus helpful guiding questions and examples in the Personal Statement section of My Profile.

Best of luck! 


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