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All You Need to Study in the UK

A new course, a new life!

Are you already studying at a University in your home country but you had to fall in love with the idea of study in the UK?

You can start a new course, a new life!

If you want a transfer from your current course into the second or third year of the same course in the UK, unfortunately, you cannot submit your application with UCADEMICS because we don’t currently process transfers.

Usually, UK universities don’t accept transfers from students outside of the UK. This happens because the UK education system is too different from other countries.

But if you want to start a new course or the same course from scratch in the UK, we can help you!

You need to have in mind that the English government will not fund the entire course.

The English government deducts one year of support for each year attended in your home country. In other words, if you attended the first year of a course in your home country, you might be deducted one year of financial support in the UK.

This means that a student who is already attending the first year of a course in his home country will be deducted support for the first year in England, so he will be responsible for paying that year

This applies only to EU students. For international students, there will be no changes on the course fees independently if the student is transferring or starting from scratch.


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