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Your English level

Do you feel that your level of English is not that good? Don't get discouraged…there is always a solution for you!

If you haven't been exposed, for a long time, in situations that you need to use English regularly, it is quite normal that your skills might be a bit rusty.

The best way to practice is to be exposed to the language continuously. You'll soon find out that your English skills will develop in an accelerated manner once you arrive in the UK and you find yourself using English 24/7.

Universities in the UK usually ask for an English test as an entry requirement.  IELTS is the most popular one.

If you are not feeling comfortable to take the test, it's best to register for an English course before taking the IELTS Exam because this test is not all about being right in English but also requires specific strategies which will ensure your success in the test. There are free resources for IELTS preparation.

Also, it’s really important to have enough time to repeat the test, in case it's needed. From our experience, the chances of success increase by 75% on the second time the student takes the test. 


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