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Applying for Medicine

Studying Medicine or Medicine-related courses (Veterinary or Dentistry) in the UK is for many students, a challenging and ambitious goal to achieve.

With an internationally respected medical system, cutting edge technology and groundbreaking innovations in terms of research and practice, studying in the UK can be the driving force behind a highly successful career in the medical field.

For these reasons, Medicine in the UK is a very competitive course, requiring high grades, particularly in science subjects (such as Chemistry and Biology), as well as a high standard of English language.

Also, most of the universities will require you to take additional tests such as the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), and they also will invite candidates to interviews in the UK.

Here’s an overview of these tests:

BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test). What is BMAT?

BMAT is a specific test with which universities can analyse the level of students' abilities to perform in a medical context. As many international students are applying for Medicine and Medical related courses, the universities want to ensure that students have a good level of ability in sciences, specifically maths and chemistry and also a right level of critical thinking.

What are the deadlines for registration?

·  1st October: Standard entry closing date

·  15th October: Last date for BMAT entries

·  30th October: BMAT takes place

· 22nd November: BMAT results released

How much does BMAT cost?




 EU (including the UK) standard entry fee 


 Rest of the World standard entry fee 


 Additional late entry fee 

*Note: The fees are subject to change.

What is the content of the test?

The BMAT is a two-hour written test consisting of three sections:

  • Aptitude & Skills
  • Scientific Knowledge & Application
  • Writing

The BMAT does not require a lot of exam preparation as it tests skills and knowledge the candidates should already have.

How to register for the test?

BMAT like IELTS is taken locally, in an authorised centre from your country. If you’re required to take BMAT and you don’t know where to find your local centre, please send a message to UCADEMICS, and we would be happy to help out.

UKCAT (The UK Clinical Aptitude Test). What is UKCAT?

UKCAT is used as part of the selection process to filter out the best candidates for high-demand courses in Medicine and Dentistry.

What are the deadlines for registration?

There are 2 steps candidates need to follow:

  1. Register for the test. Deadline: 22 September.
  2. Book the test (after the registration is completed). Deadline: 5 October at 11.59 AM GMT (UK Time).

After the registration is done, all candidates should book the standard UKCAT test. If you cannot find a convenient test location and date, please contact UKCAT Customer Service who may be able to assist. Please note that the availability of suitable dates and times may be limited in the last weeks of testing.  For some of the testing centres, the UKCAT booking system only allows test slots to be allocated 90 days in advance. So, it is in your best interest to sign-up for the test as soon as you possibly can.

How much does UKCAT cost?




 Tests are taken in the EU between 1 September and 6 October 


 Tests are taken outside the EU

What is the content of the test?

The UKCAT is designed to test aptitudes that are important for doctors and dentists in their practice. For that reason, the UKCAT does not require previous preparation, and there is no curriculum to be learned. However, candidates can work on their performance by doing mock tests, which will allow them to understand the format of the test better.

How to register for the test?

All UKCAT candidates must complete the registration process using the Pearson VUE online registration system before they can book their test.  You need to register for the test personally – UCADEMICS can not do this on your behalf or by your school/college.



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