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All You Need to Study in the UK

Foundation Year, a flexible solution.

You are not sure if your grades are good enough to follow your dreams?

There is always a solution for you!

Each UK university has specific entry requirements, but lack of good grades does not necessarily mean lower chances of getting admitted.

UK Universities are very particular about non-discrimination and good social inclusion of students from different backgrounds and that is one of the reasons why, for example, mature students have special admission requirements (universities take into account their professional experience, rather than their previous academic qualifications).

Some universities are more demanding regarding grades (especially Oxford, Cambridge and the universities which are part of the prestigious Russell Group), compared to others which are open towards accepting students of various academic abilities.

The degree of demandingness also depends on the university's orientation towards research and academic performance versus teaching skills which are useful on the job market.

In UCADEMICS, you can also apply for a Foundation Year.

Foundation Years have different entry requirements, so it is more easy to entry in an Undergraduate Degree like this. This year also prepare you for the next 3 years, with subjects related to your degree.

The Foundation Year will be your year 0.

Will be a year where you will study all the general subjects related to your area of interest and where you will be able to get a more comfortable position with your English skills.


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