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UK Education is not only about studies - it's a full package experience, from the adaptation to a new environment to the experience of living in the same house and studying together with people from different countries.

Studying in the UK exposes students to both British culture and an ultra international environment since most UK Universities have a diverse student body with more than 40 nationalities. In 2012, over 420,000 international students from over 200 nations came to the UK for their higher education, joining over two million local students.

International companies are increasingly looking for multilingual graduates with intercultural experience. Through group projects and daily interactions with colleagues from all over the world, international students in the UK become more open-minded, creative, culturally tolerant, with better critical thinking and team-working abilities and, thus, more attractive for prospective employers. This is one of the reasons why QS World University Rankings found that graduates of British Universities are among the most “employable” in the world.

Since English is the primary language spoken for business, tech industries, culture and arts, employers are increasingly looking for multilingual graduates. UK higher education gives your child the best opportunity to perfect his/ her English language nowhere other than right in its homeland. The English language abilities of your son/ daughter will develop quickly not only through study but also through daily interactions with friends which will give him/ her a better grip of the language that people speak in real life, as opposed to the standardised English that is presented in movies and TV shows.

Your child, you'll get to meet people from all over the world at the university and be inspired by many cultures. Many universities and colleges provide international offices and advisers to ensure your child would feel welcome and are supported throughout his/her time in the UK.


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