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All You Need to Study in the UK

Education System

One of the best educational systems in the world

The UK will bring you one of the best study experiences you could ever have. You'll benefit from both top education and solid career preparation. 

Here are a few facts that make the UK education genuinely great:

1. Academic Excellence

You'll learn from the best, since:

  • Four out of the six best universities in the world are in the UK.
  • Over 54% of the research produced is ranked as “world-leading”.
  • 47 graduates of British Universities won the prestigious Nobel prize.

2. Unrivalled career preparation

The final aim of anyone doing a university degree is to get a good job after graduation. The UK prepares you for that since:

  • The UK is in the top 5 internationally for university-industry collaboration.
  • It's one of the countries with the most employable graduates in the world.

3. Students are happy with their education 

As students say themselves, studying in the UK is a gratifying experience and:

  • 88% of international students are satisfied with their studies.
  • 92% recommended it to their friends.


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