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Living on your own for the first time in your life is extremely exciting!

It's going to mark your new adult life and it will give you a sense of freedom like never before. That's why choosing where to live is one of the first major decisions you'll be making.

As former international students ourselves, we know some aspects of living in the UK will be different than from what you may expect.

There are two main accommodation options: 

1. Halls of Residence (accommodation owned by the university)
2. Private Sector (accommodation owned by a private owner).

Note: You will have to pay a deposit for your accommodation (a deposit is a sum of money you have to pay at the beginning of your stay and which you'll get back when your contract ends).

University Halls

The favorite of students that are leaving their country for the first time or that simply wants to know new people right away! 

They are normally more expensive than private accommodation yes, but just because they have all the conditions that a all students can wish for their first times in university. 

You will always be on or near to the university campus, what is just perfect for those 
who are not public transport fans. 

Depending on what you choose, you can have you own room or just share a room with someone else and enjoy that time to make a new friend! 

You will also share a kitchen and large dinning rooms what will give you that great family vibe that everyone needs, special being so far from home.


Private Accommodation

In other hand, if you are a more independent kind of person and you prefer to live your life outside of campus, a private accommodation can be your perfect solution!

You can either rent a house alone, a studio with one bedroom, share your apartment with friends or just move in with other students that you don’t know if you are open to know some knew people. 


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