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Sports Therapy with Foundation Year
4.0 Years • 100% Funding Available
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This is the profession concerned with preventing injury and rehabilitating patients back to peak fitness. This could involve preparing a participant for training, competition or work.

This multi-disciplinary course is ideal for those interested in the broader area of sports medicine. You’ll learn how to accurately and safely diagnose injured athletes and treat them effectively. As well as exploring the biomechanics of human movement and physiology, you’ll also focus on developing small business skills to be able to run your own Sports Therapy practice. We’ll give you a deep knowledge and understanding of this exciting field and offer you opportunities to gain a broad array of practical experience in the professional environment including working with sports teams, hospital based placements and our own clinic.

What this course will cover
You’ll learn to be a confident and effective professional who is able to provide first class care to a range of sport, exercise, and recreational participants. This may include working with individual athletes and teams.

During this programme of study, you’ll learn about kinanthropometry and biomechanics and explore human movement and functional anatomy. Modules will range from core scientific principles of exercise to injury assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and entrepreneurship. The majority of Sports Therapists work as self-employed practitioners and so this course has been designed to combine therapy and business skills for working as a self-employed professional Sports Therapist.

Throughout the course you’ll have plenty of practice-based learning experiences with an anticipated total in excess of 300 hours of placements. These will help you to develop your clinical skills and learn how to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injured athletes and patients.

The Society of Sports Therapists
This course is fully accredited by the professional body for Sports Therapy - ‘The Society of Sports Therapists’. As a student of Bucks, you will have student membership of The Society of Sports Therapists - paid for by the University. This brings added benefits to the study of your course including access to the student members area of the website and free access to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Following graduation, you’ll be eligible for professional registration with The Society of Sports Therapists and for insurance to practice.


  • Introduction to Sports Therapy
  • Preparing for Success at University
  • Employability Enterprise
  • Project
  • Bioenergetics of Human Movement
  • Data Analysis in Sport and Exercise
  • Essentials of Sports Therapy
  • Foundations of Biomechanics
  • Foundations of Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy and Kinanthropometry
  • Issues in Professional Practice
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation of Injury 1
  • Research in Sport and Exercise
  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • Advanced Sports Therapy
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation of Injury 2
  • Professional Practice (Clinical Placement)
  • Research Dissertation
  • Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship

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Having studied at Bucks, you will be associated with a university that has been a pioneer in sport-related studies for over 15 years. We have a strong reputation for our sport courses and as a graduate you’ll be able to make full use of our partnerships with public and private sector sport organisations both nationally and internationally.

With this degree, you’ll be qualified to work as a sports therapist at professional teams, clubs and private clinics. You’ll also be able to pursue a career in exercise management and rehabilitation, or as a physiotherapy assistant. Studying a course accredited by The Society of Sports Therapists also enables access to appropriate additional training to enable work in professional football and rugby.

Alternatively, you may choose to further your studies at postgraduate level including sports medicine, sports science and physiotherapy.

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