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Global Finance
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This is a challenging, intensive and fast-paced course which demands a great deal from its students. It simulates the operational environment of the finance sector, helping you to build the skills you need to work strategically within it.

The MSc Global Finance course offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge required for entry-level positions with leading global banks and financial services and investment firms. Whether you’ve just completed your undergraduate studies or have been working for some time, it will prepare you to sit for CFA or FRM certification – both of which are recognised as gold standards in professional finance.

The course is taught by highly qualified tutors who have solid career experience in banking, asset management and portfolio management, and who maintain strong connections with industry and with the professional associations. Your learning will be very much practical and applied, with the opportunity to meet with industry through networking, guest lectures, field trips and either an internship


  • Ethics & Quantitative Methods
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Trading Economics
  • Global Financial Market
  • Valuation of Equity and Fixed Income
  • Empirical Finance and Accounting Research Methods
  • Portfolio Management
  • Optional modules

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Your career options will largely depend on the pathway you select on this programme:
  • CFA offers a broad-based curriculum, opening up a wide range of career opportunities in financial analysis and investment. It will prepare you for a career in investment banking, where you might manage IPOs and mergers & acquisitions, or you might work in portfolio management (asset management, mutual funds or financial planning). Alternatively, you might go into equity research, or work as a financial analyst or strategist.
  • FRM is a very much more specialist programme in financial risk assessment, suited for those who want to make a career with banks, insurance companies or rating agencies, for example. You might work as a risk manager, a credit risk analyst, a chief risk officer, or an asset liability manager.

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