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How can I get a Reference Letter?

The Reference Letter is a statement about yourself as a candidate from the point of view of someone that knows you well in an academic capacity, be it one of your school teachers, the school director, a tutor or maybe your career counsellor or school psychologist.

If you are a Mature Student (over 21 years old) and you have work experience, you are allowed to request a Reference Letter from one of your current or previous employers or work supervisors.

How do send your Reference Letter?

On UCADEMICS we have 2 options for sending a Reference Letter:

1. If you have previously obtained a Reference Letter, you can just go on your Profile under the Reference Letter tab and upload the Letter that you already have. You have to make sure that the Letter is written in English, otherwise, you can request a paid translation service (maxim 500 words). 

2. If you don't have a Reference Letter yet, you can request it from one of your teachers/academic staff members from your school

But don't worry our student advisers can help you!

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