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The course I’d like to study, is offered at many different UK universities. How do I know which one is right for me?

Yes, you may find that the course you want to study is offered at many different UK Universities. While there is no right or wrong in choosing your university, you should consider what is essential for you to regarding the conditions of study, the environment and also in which institutions you would have the best chances of getting admitted into. There is little point in applying to 5 universities which require very high grades for admission if you have average academic results. 

To choose the right university, you can reflect on the following guidelines:

  • Where do I have the best chances of getting admitted? 

  • Where do I want to study? Do I have any preferences regarding the city where I'll be living for, at least, the next three years of my life? Do I want a huge city with a sizzling social life or do I prefer a place close to nature, a small community where people feel like part of a family, and everyone knows each other?

  • What do I want from my environment? Do I have specific wishes, like being close to the sea or close to the mountains? Do I have any strong interests that can or cannot be satisfied by the environment where my university is?

  • Do I want a university which focuses on research and teaching research skills or does I want to study in an institution which focuses on teaching workplace skills and providing lots of work placement opportunities?

As they say, one size doesn't fit all. So it's important first to examine yourself closely and find out what you want from your university experience. Also, your student adviser is here to help you all the step of the way.

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