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UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service)

UCAS is an independent charity which has the role of providing support and admissions services with the purpose to enhance the number of students who choose to continue their studies through a university-level course. UCAS services help prospective students in finding the right university course at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. UCAS is the biggest and the only official platform for sending applications to UK universities.

Every single application made to a UK university (except for those universities which have only direct admissions systems) must pass through UCAS. For this reason, most of our student applications on UCADEMICS are processed through UCAS, acting, in that respect, as an educational agency who intermediates between the student and the institutional authority (in this case, both UCAS and the UK universities involved in the admissions process).

For further information about UCAS, ask our student advisers. 

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