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What jobs will be available for me after I finish my studies?

Each course is unique in the way that it has different career perspectives and different takes on the job market. For example, some courses may be very broad, and in this case, you would have a wide variety of professions to choose from. Some other courses may be particular, focusing on a narrow field, such as the case of double degrees or highly specialised fields of study. In this case, the variety of jobs would not be so wide, but you would have access to a niche job market, having higher chances of getting employment after graduation.

To check your future career prospects, you need to go to your chosen Course Profile and read the Career section, where you will have access to information about possible jobs after graduation and also about different academic programmes (such as masters and PhD) which you can pursue at the end of the programme.

Also, your student adviser can help you regarding doubts about employability for your course choices.

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