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When should I take the IELTS Test?

UCADEMICS recommends you to take the IELTS Exam as soon as possible. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take the exam as quickly as possible and have time for a re-take, in case it's needed. Many students keep postponing it and end up being too late, so their application to the university is rejected in the end. The deadline to send your IELTS Certificate to our student adviser on UCADEMICS is 31 August of the year you will start your course. However, we highly recommend to take the test and submit results much earlier.

We know from experience that many students are nervous or cannot concentrate enough during the first time of taking the IELTS due to the novelty of the exam and they don't manage to obtain the minimum required score. The chances of getting a better score increase by 75% on the second attempt. This exam can be taken many times throughout the year, so in case you fail in achieving the score you aimed for, you can always do it again. 

Also, our student advisers will help you providing tips for you to get the best score possible!

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