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Which course should I apply for?

Based on our experience and according to our students from previous years, the student should choose a course he/ she can identify with. Forget any preconceptions you might have about choosing a course that may guarantee a work placement, courses that are in the same area as your secondary education or courses which may bring substantial salaries.

A student who chooses a course for the reason of "guaranteed work" is, most of the times, on the wrong track. As it is more than proven that all courses in the world may guarantee you a job as long as you are good at what you do; we can only be good at something, when we love doing it. Furthermore, anything that may be on high-demand on the job market at any given moment, may not be so much needed in three year’s time. After the experience of studying abroad most students broaden their horizons and look for work all over the world.

If you think you should only choose a course within your high school studies area you are also wrong. In the UK, you may progress in any area of study you desire. There are no entry exams for the majority of the courses and there are also access courses or foundation years which prepare you for an area of study that is in no way related to what you studied before. For example, if you had a background in humanities in high-school, you can go on to studying Engineering at university level if you start your academic track with a Foundation Programme in which you'll be studying all the subjects you lack knowledge in, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry. So, virtually, regardless of your background or previous educational experience, you can study anything you can possibly imagine. So be bold enough to reach out for your dreams, because as far as UK Education is concerned, there are no limits to what you can achieve if your heart is truly in it.

So in order to find the right course for you, we suggest that you reflect on your interests and honestly ask yourself the following question:

What job do I see myself doing for the next 30 years with a smile on my face?

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