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Why should I study in the UK?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to take. You get to study in the UK, one of the best places for Higher Education worldwide with your tuition fees funded by the British Government (if you are an EU national at the first university course), meet people from all over the world, get valuable work experience while studying, become fluent in the English language, gain your independence and become and self-sufficient adult.  Besides that, you will automatically extend your horizon and get a new view on things. You will be more responsible and be able to take care of yourself. Also, it´s the start of your dream career

You may be the only one of your friends to leave your home country after high school; you should not think of this as leaving a life behind but as making the best experience possible for yourself. So be brave, open and make the best of this adventure. Also, your student advisor is always here to guide you all the step of the way.

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