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BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, has colleges in six cities where music matters most – London, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton – and is proud to be the largest and leading provider of contemporary music education in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Our six BIMM colleges have over 50 years’ experience between them in helping students launch successful careers in the music industry. We offer a broad range of Higher and Further Education music courses – including BA Honours Degrees, nationally accredited Diplomas, Post Graduate Teaching Certificates and options for full-time and part-time study. Our professional highly vocational and real-world courses include studies in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, songwriting, music production, music journalism, music business and event management.

The secret to success is no secret. If you want to make it in music, you’ve got to get connected. Connect with BIMM, and we’ll connect you to a #lifeinmusic.

BIMM is proud to be the best connected with over 4,500 students, all of whom have access to a range of fantastic opportunities as part of our aligned network of campuses. BIMM offers unrivalled access to the $50bn global music industry via regular collaborative experiences, including weekly Masterclasses with internationally renowned guest artists, gigs at small and large scale venues, access to industry A&R panels, connectivity with the thriving festival circuit, and the production of the annual BIMM albums.

BIMM also offers more work placement opportunities and internships than any other music college. But perhaps the most significant strength is that BIMM students benefit from being connected to the largest alumni network in the industry with over 1,500 members who provide inspiration, mentorship and connectivity to the industry.

BIMM alumni hold BRIT, Ivor Novello and MOBO awards, have scored countless UK Top 10 albums and more than 30 UK Top 40 singles, and include The Kooks, Tom Odell, George Ezra and James Bay - nearly 80% of BIMM graduates make a living from the music industry.

BIMM offers a full range of Higher and Further Education music courses – from degrees and diplomas to teacher training, summer schools and part-time study in:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Music Business
  • Event Management
  • Music Journalism


Each BIMM campus is located in one of Europe’s largest music cities and provides state-of-the-art professional facilities, with equipment and software provided by the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers who actively support and endorse us.


London is at the centre of music and the arts, both in terms of national and international reputation. As a culturally diverse city with a large student population, London offers inspiration and opportunities to many musicians and artists. Alongside the major record labels and iconic music venues, the city has a thriving underground music scene with hundreds of venues and bars for you to learn your craft.


Dublin has a long history of embracing creativity and celebrating diversity. With a passion for live music, a large student population, one of Europe’s most vibrant arts scenes and the finest bars and shops Ireland has to offer; it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself. The footpaths are lined with live music venues, from legendary pubs to landmark arenas, while the city also hosts several international music festivals, including Longitude and Forbidden Fruit.


Attitude and ambition are synonymous with the Manchester music scene, qualities that have seen the city spawn some of the UK’s biggest bands and artists. Despite the international success of many Manchester acts, the city retains a tight-knit music community comprising bands, promoters, managers and live venues all working together towards achieving success.


A thriving underground music and arts scene is at the heart of Bristol life, where individuality is celebrated and creativity rewarded. With a large student population, a love of live music and some of the UK’s best bars and shops, Bristol is the perfect place to immerse yourself. The city and surrounding area host a multitude of festivals, including the world-renowned Glastonbury. In 2010 a Performing Rights Society (PRS) study discovered that more working musicians have come from Bristol than any other city in the UK.


Creativity and freedom are at the forefront of Brighton life. With a large student population, a beach on the doorstep, a love of live music and some of the UK’s best bars and shops, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself. The city is packed with free music events, and its vibrant, vast live music scene is spread across pubs, pop-up gigs and landmark venues. It’s also host to international music festivals including The Great Escape, Shakedown and Love Supreme.


Berlin has been a critical centre for music since the 18th century and has continued to be hugely influential on a global scale. Cosmopolitan, creative, avant-garde, underground and openminded; it’s a city that mixes this deep regard for the history and tradition of music with a desire to be distinctively contemporary and cutting-edge. You’d be hard-pressed to find another European capital with such a rich cultural heritage when it comes to music and the arts; giving our students direct access to a vibrant creative community made up of diverse events, festivals, venues and gigs.

Source: Website official https://www.bimm.ac.uk/.

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BIMM Institute London

Effie Road



United Kingdom

08442 646 666



    1.       Why did you choose the UK? What's the difference between your country and the UK in terms of education, work and living conditions?

    Why I chose to study in the UK was as simple as I didn’t want to study back home, I wanted to study in English, America and Australia felt too far away so London was the perfect fit! I always heard that London was one of the best cities in the world so I was curious and happily surprised on how much I loved it..London is expensive and makes it hard to live here as a student but the city also offers more jobs in the area I want to go into than my home country (Sweden) so I think it will be all worth it.Education back home is free, so people ask why I moved abroad to study. But I say it’s all about the experience and for that the money is all worth it.


    2. What major differences have you found between the British style of education compared to your home country? Is it better, why or why not?

    I’ve never studied higher education before in my home country so I couldn’t say.University studiy is very different in general from any studiy I’ve done before since it’s so much up to you. You have less classes and it’s a lot of studying on your “free” time.I guess the major difference I can say without having done any studies back home would be that it’s free. 


    3. Why is it important to work while you study? How did you manage to find a job? Can you survive just on your salary?

    I think it’s very important to do so, mainly because you can’t afford not to in London. But also because it helps you build your CV for when you graduate and helps you get ahead when you’re searching for a job. I’ve mainly done unpaid internships while studying but I have done some extra work for my university helping out on Open Days etc, but I have also worked on breaks when I’ve been home in Sweden.


    4. The UK has a multicultural environment, are there benefits to this? what can you gain from this? how has your experience been with people from other cultures? Whom have you met, where ar they from and what is cool about them?

     Of course there are benefits to this! You get to learn about other cultures, other ways and you educate yourself globally without thinking about it. I also think it makes you more compassionate. Especially at BIMM I think there’s more international students than not and it’s very special. Here there’s people from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal,  America, Sweden, Norway, Vienna, Scotland and the list goes on. If anything else it gives you friends from all over the world so you always have somewhere to crash if you’re out traveling.


    5. If you had to convince students from your home country on the advantages of studying abroad, particularly in the UK, what would you tell them?

     I love traveling and have been living abroad since I was 19 when I first moved to America. All I can say is that it’s life changing and you’ll never regret it. Even people I’ve known that’s given up and gone home don’t regret it, because it gave them another perspective at life. Seeing other cultures is so important for self-growth, gaining self-awareness and independence. It’s an exciting world out there and you should experience it! If you don’t like it, your home will always be your home and you can always go back. So just do it! 


    6. What were the hardest things to overcome? how did you overcome them? how is life today?

    I think I’m a special case since I’d already experienced the whole first time moving abroad feeling and kinda knew how to handle it for my second move to a foreign country. But the hardest thing the first time around was being away from your family, friends and everything normal to you. It’s a major cultural shock and you feel very lonely most of the times in the beginning. But it’s important to know that it will pass and you will adapt! Go out and explore your new city! Go hang out with new found friends! It will take your mind off everything you miss and make you appreciate where you are right now.


    7. What were your expectation before you went to the UK? When and why did you take the decision to go? Were your expectations met?

    I decided to apply to collage abroad when I came home from America and realised that I didn’t want to study back home, I wasn’t ready to be back home yet. My expectations of London was that it would be like a mini New York but that was NOT the case. London and NYC are very different and i was a bit disapointed at the start since I still had so much of my American experience in my back pocket. But as the time went I grew to love London and realise every day that there are more things to see all the time. It might not be a city that never sleeps but it IS a city that never stops changing. And to me that’s a very exciting thought to wake up to every day. 

    Ida Ahlbom

    BA (Hons) Music Business Student

    Alan Sharman

    The Music Production (BA) course is by far the most holistic and diverse on the market. 
    The opportunity to network with both other music production students, instrumentalists and music business students at once is extremely valuable and unique 

    BIMM London is placed in the heart of today's music industry and all the tutors are active within the industry. I've gotten several 'real life' opportunities and important contacts through BIMM that will help me in my music career.

    Amanda Klinthall

    BA (Hons) Music Production Student

    Alan Sharman

    At BIMM London, you're not only surrounded by an amazing city, you'll find yourself being surrounded by talented people that will be the future of the music industry. And you'll become a part of it.

    Olive Olin

    BA (Hons) Music Production Student

    Alan Sharman

    The decision to move and study in London at BIMM was one of the best I’ve ever made. I’ve met so many incredibly talented musicians, made lifelong friends and I’ve grown so much both personally and musically since I came here. It truly changed my life.”

    Pernilla Lundberg

    BMus (Hons) Music Performance Student


    Alan Sharman

    Studying at BIMM London has not only made me a way better musician, it has also helped me grow as a person. Meeting fellow students from all around the world has made me more open-minded and enabled me to exchange musical ideas and thoughts which I would never have encountered otherwise. Living in the musical capitol of the world and having most incredible teachers has also been truly amazing and a privilege.
    John Fredrik Krantz
    BMus (Hons) Music Performance Student


    Alan Sharman

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