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Why Choose Birmingham City University?

By choosing Birmingham City University, you experience the hustle and bustle of busy city life and also the experience of being a part of well-respected higher education institution, which has many opportunities that will shape your future for the better.  Birmingham is the most populous city in the UK outside of London, so you’d never be short of things to do or people to see in Birmingham.

Birmingham City University itself has a total of 22,000 students from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures so it's a perfect place to meet new people and gain new perspectives, which is what university is all about, apart from getting your degree of course.


What You Need To Know

When looking at applying to a university it’s best to have all the information you can to make an informed decision on whether this is the university for you. With that in mind, in this section we highlight some of the best things about Birmingham City University:

  • Birmingham City University is in the top 30 in the UK for placing students into graduate level jobs.
  • The student support was rated “Outstanding” by the Times Higher Education Awards, so you can be confident you’ll be looked after at Birmingham City University.
  • They have a recent £260 million investment programme to build on their facilities. Although their university has an excellent heritage, they like to improve it with state of the art facilities.
  • They have a student employment agency, helping students find part time work within the university. This is an excellent opportunity that not many universities have, it gives students a helping hand in becoming financially stable while living away from home, and since it is ran by the university, your hours will be balanced with your school hours and students will not be overworked.
  • Industry Partnerships – They have partnerships with several companies that will give students the opportunity to gain some work experience, secure a year in industry and get their foot in the door. There are several companies, but here are just a few; Apple, Sony, Cisco, and Cartier.
  • They have several professional bodies that accredit their courses. This makes everything a little easier when you leave university and want to become accredited, which is a requirement for particular industries. Professional bodies accrediting BCU’s courses include the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, British Psychological Society, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Health and Care Professions Council and Royal Institute of British Architects.
  • There is a university wide open day on 4th of October.


What Opportunities Can Birmingham City University Offer?

Birmingham City University prides itself on ensuring their graduates enter the world prepared for the competition out there by making sure their students have the best shot possible. They do this by the range of opportunities the university offers. They offer the links with companies such as Apple and Sony, an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door, they also have a Concept Factory, where entrepreneurs can network with students and businesses alike. If you’re looking at choosing a university based on employability after you leave, then Birmingham City University is a great one to choose.


Concluding Thoughts

Birmingham City University provides students with the opportunity to live in the second biggest city in the UK, experience all that is best about a city without the London price tag, and also provides a very high standard of education. Their main focus as a university is on employability after your degree, this is why they ensure their degrees are accredited with several institutions and also provide valuable links to businesses around the world. Not every university has opportunities like these and if you’re most conscious of employability after your degree, BCU might be the place for you.

Source: Official website https://www.bcu.ac.uk.

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