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Why Choose London South Bank University

London is the heart of everything that happens in the UK; it’s the home of the UK’s economic power, it’s culture, it’s history, the Queen and over 10 million people. This makes it an excellent place to study in the UK. In 2012 London was Ranked #2 Best Student Cities in the world by QS World University Rankings. This makes London South Bank University an excellent place to study. LSBU is a hub of diversity, with people from all over the world choosing to study here because of its attractive location and its excellent courses and opportunities they provide.


What You Need To Know

When looking at applying to a university, it’s best to have all the information you can to make an informed decision on whether this is the university for you. With that in mind, in this section, we highlight some of the best things about London South Bank University:

  • It has over 25,000 students, so there are always people to meet and friends to make.
  • It is in the Top 20 for graduate starting salaries.
  • It is in the Top 10 of London Universities for a graduate prospectus.
  • They have an enterprise centre, offering business career advice and links to industry to help you further your career once you leave university.
  • The university has four faculties covering Health and Social Care; Business; Arts and Human Sciences; and Engineering, Science & the Built Environment.
  • London South Bank University works closely with several Chinese higher education institutions, offering the possibility of international study programmes.
  • State of the art laboratories, libraries and study material.
  • They have several open days throughout July for the different departments and more in September or October.
  • If you reside in a foreign country and are looking to study in London, this is an excellent University to choose because of the 2000 EU and International students who have previously chosen this university and rated it highly.


What Opportunities Can London South Bank University Offer?

London South Bank University is committed to employability and graduate prospectus and is in the Top 20 universities for graduate starting salaries. They have managed this by the support they provide their students with throughout their time at the university and beyond, for example, undergraduates wishing to complete their Master's at London South Bank, receive a 15% discount on their tuition fees, giving them a helping hand they need. There are several other ways they increase the employability of their students, for example with the exchange programmes they offer; you can choose to study in the US or through Erasmus exchange study elsewhere in Europe.

These experiences prove that you’re a go-getter and are open-minded, which are valuable traits in the workplace and may just put you that little bit ahead of everyone else. Furthermore, a vast array of their courses are accredited with institutions, making it that easier to secure a job after leaving the University.


Concluding Thoughts

Studying in London is an exciting opportunity that many people around the world wish they could experience. London has everything you could need and reflects everything great about the UK. So if you have your heart set on London as your place of studying in the UK, then London South Bank is an excellent option for you. The university has an admirable reputation, a range of accredited courses, links to industry, opportunities to travel and an excellent starting salary employment rate for graduates.

Source: Official website  https://www.lsbu.ac.uk/

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