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Why Choose Southampton Solent University?

Southampton is a beautifully scenic place to study in the UK and provides a multitude of opportunities that you’d struggle to find elsewhere in the UK because of its unique location. For example, Southampton Solent University has a strong emphasis on maritime courses because of its idyllic seaside location, and the student yachting team are previous world champions. Going to the university by the seaside offers a unique experience that many students studying elsewhere in the UK will not experience because, at a seaside town, you not only get the social scene that other students in cities get, but you also get the added social activities such as surfing, yachting and free diving. 

Source: Official website  https://www.solent.ac.uk

What You Need To Know:

  • When looking at applying to a university, it’s best to have all the information you can to make an informed decision on whether this is the university for you. With that in mind, in this section, we highlight some of the best things about Southampton Solent University: 
  • Nearly 80% of students find employment within the first 6 months of leaving university.
  • The university has several important links to industry that can help students get a foot in the door should they express an interest in these links. This includes companies such as IBM, B&Q, IKEA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Carnival Group and many others. 
  • Over 3000 employment opportunities for graduate schemes are advertised through the university website each year. 
  • The university is particularly known for its maritime courses, it’s art and creative courses and also its sports courses. 
  • The university has 17,000 students. 
  • They have a wide range of graduate courses spanning many disciplines. 
  • The student accommodation is modern, safe and attractive. 
  • The university offers a range of scholarships and bursaries. 
  • Southampton is around an hour away from London, and a very short distance away from another idyllic British seaside city, Bournemouth. Southampton itself is investing £173 million into a new ‘cultural quarter’, which will be located just minutes away from the main campus, which is set to house state-of-the-art auditoriums, gallery space and studios.

Source: Official website  https://www.solent.ac.uk

What Opportunities Can Southampton Solent University offer?

The most valuable opportunity Southampton Solent University can offer is through its links to industry, with notable names such as IBM, Shell and B. This gives students a chance to get their foot in the door at these international companies, something that could shape their life and career for life. With 80% of students securing employment within the first 6 months after completing their degree, and a significant percentage continuing further education, it’s fair to say the university’s emphasis on employability is a strong one. The university offers an excellent standard of student support on the employability issue, by placing graduate jobs on their site and also offer support on a range of other student issues from fees, disability, and even religion. 

Another notable opportunity that Southampton Solent University offers is the opportunity to live by being sea, experience seaside sports and activities, while only being an hour away from London if you fancy something a little more hardcore than Southampton city nightlife. 


Concluding Thoughts 

Southampton Solent University is an excellent place to study in the UK, the student experience is enriching and will help set you up for life. They provide this enriching experience by offering a range of degrees, some of which you’d expect and some of which are more unique and maritime-related, they then offer excellent student support and help you become employed either through one of their international links or simply through available graduate schemes. The social aspect of university is one that also cannot be ignored, the social life in Southampton is of an already high standard but is set to get even better with the upcoming developments, furthermore, a trip to the capital is always within reach. The next open day is on the 10th of July, and then again in September, so if this university tempts you, you should definately check out their wide range of excellent degrees!

Source: Official website  https://www.solent.ac.uk

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