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Who can join?

  • International Schools
  • Language Schools
  • Educational Agencies
  • Alumni of UK Universities
  • UK University Students
  • Counsellors

What is a Recruiter?

  • Recruiters promote study in the UK to international students
  • Current students and Alumni know the benefits of studying in the UK based on their own experience which makes them trustworthy and turns them into role-models for potential students
  • Educational Institutions and Counsellors understand the education industry and have daily direct contact with potential students
  • Recruiters receive their own UCADEMICS account which allows them to monitor applications and track their estimated revenues 

How does it work?

Refer prospective students to apply to UK Universities using UCADEMICS with your referral code. They are automatically linked to your account and counted as your applicants. You will earn money for each student enrolled into any institution that has the status "Verified" on UCADEMICS.


Fill out the form and provide a proof of identity as part of the registration process (our quality insurance policy). Upon validation, you will receive an email with your login details for your UCADEMICS Recruiters Account and a unique referral code.


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UCADEMICS Reward System

UCADEMICS Reward System

UK Education stands for prestigious institutions and career preparation. Universities flourish when they have a diverse body of international students. To remain competitive they make heavy investments in disperse and outdates marketing abroad.

UCADEMICS represents the solution for institutions to securely and efficiently attract international students. How? By empowering current students, alumni and international schools across the globe with a tool they can use to change students' lives!

For each student who starts their studies in the UK in one of our Verified Institutions you receive a Referral Reward of 600€. 

The best part is that all you have to do is share your amazing experience in the UK.

Take this opportunity and:

  • Work with us

    UCADEMICS is a search engine and application platform exclusive for international students who want to study at UK Universities.

  • Change Lives

    Helping others fulfil their dreams is the most rewarding work you can do. You make an impact in somebody's life.

  • Work Flexibly

    You earn extra money while working flexibly in terms of time and location.

  • Offer More

    Expand your business by offering new services to your clients: higher education applications to UK Universities (additionally pre-departure orientation, academic counselling, accommodation guidance)

  • Work efficiently

    With your UCADEMICS account you can monitor the applications' progress and status while tracking your estimated income to maximize your results.

  • Join now

    1. Register as a Recruiter by filling out the Form

    2. Promote your unique referral code

    3. Get rewarded upon successful enrollment of your students.

What do our students say?
Here is their feedback


Beatrix Papp

“UCADEMICS changed my life, I never thought it would be possible for me to ever get into a university in the UK, but with UCADEMICS this dream became reality, and my life changed for the better. Whenever I had a question, or I did not understand something they always helped me, answered all my questions, and I could always rely on their help. UCADEMICS is perfect the way it is, the staff is very helpful and kind, and it is easy to apply. Thank you UCADEMICS”

Vadu Crisului, Romania

Mamede Fernandes

“Hello UCADEMICS, next Thursday I'll arrive at Heathrow to start a great journey in my life, in the University of Southampton. I'm writing to say: THANK YOU. It was a very good experience, working with the UCADEMICS team. Thank you once again :)”

Évora, Portugal

Susana Neves

“My experiencewith UCADEMICS was just great. All the staff is really nice and always willing to help trough the chat tool. With UCADEMICS, applying to study abroad is really simple and easy. The website has also a very clean design with step-by-step instructions, which makes it accessible for everybody”

Viseu, Portugal

Francisco Cabrita

“It was very good, UCADEMICS helped me in everything I needed and granted me a spot in Uni”

Odemira, Portugal

Gonçalo Luís

“Thank so much for all the hard work! I’m really really thankful and I will definitely recommend the website to lots of people! ;)”

London, United Kingdom

Welma Pontes

“The website looks so much better now, fantastic work from the UCADEMICS team”

London, United Kingdom

Mihal Boeru

“Thank you very much you have been truly amazing with this, kept it going and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you again, and wish you all the best!”

Fetesti, Romania

Alexandra Lonita

“It was awesome. I didn't know that applying for an University that it's not in my country can be this easy. Also the people working on this site are really cool. They helped me and they also answered to all my questions.”

Brazov, Romania

Karl Ander Pais

“I would like to say huge thanks to UCADEMICS. You have made applying to the UK Universities very-very easy and enjoyable, the possibility to see “Your Chances” of being accepted and later to get real Conditional/Unconditional Offers feels just awesome. So, everything was cool and I will definitely suggest UCADEMICS to my friends, who are thinking on applying to the UK Universities.”

Rakvere, Estonia

Carolina Gouveia

“Thank you so much for your help. You've been extremely helpful along the year. Thank you again! You're amazing!!”

Madeira, Portugal

João Marques

“Thanks for everything UCADEMICS, really. You helped me so much this year!”

Vila Real, Portugal

Andrea Nóbrega

“I just really wanted to thank you for everything, and I’m sorry for anything. Thank you for, most of all for your patience, and everything else. Thanks so much!”

Madeira, Portugal

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