Ucademics will make your application for you!

We at Ucademics application center have a team of professionals that specialize in managing and sending applications to the UK. These experts will help you with everything you need for your application process, including:

  • Listing all the documents needed for the process and where to find them
  • Documents check
  • Professional edition of your Personal Statement
  • Professional edition of your CV
  • Guidance in obtaining referrals
  • Offer advice and revision on student finance
  • Translating oficial certificates to English (only French, Spanish, German and Portuguese) – Paid service
  • Submission, management and tracking of your application to the university
  • Support with information about living and study in the UK (living costs, accomodation and travelling support, part-time job listing)
  • Special conditions for applications with Ucademics partners*
  • Provide support until you get accepted and get your unconditional offer of admission on your favourite communication channels
(*) after personal consultation


    At UCADEMICS we can deal with your application to any University in the UK. However, we charge different application fees depending on the University that you chose to apply.

    Partner Universities

    Due to our special conditions with our partners you will be exempted on paying UCADEMICS application fee. All our services are paid for and support by our University partners. You will only have to pay the UCAS fixed fee of 35€. This is a mandatory fee that every student needs to pay to the British Government to open their application process.

    Non-Partner Universities

    In this case, the Universities will not cover your application fee so we will charge you the amount of 198€ as it will involve a lot of manpower and care into managing your application to make sure it’s done properly and that it goes through Uk’s centralised admissions service giving you the best chances of enrolling successfully.
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